About Us

Glam Treasure was started by a designer cum stylist with a passion for unique products and latest trends in fashion and experimenting with new products. Glam treasure brings women latest fashion accessories, trends specially handpicked in a box filled with beauty and lifestyle products which is delivered at their door every month like a treat. An exciting new way women experience fashion trends and beauty. Glam Treasure is a treat that women look forward to every month.

How it Works

Glam Treasure is a monthly subscription box that gives you a mix of fashion beauty and lifestyle products in a box. All you have to do is choose a monthly plan and subscribe and the rest is taken care of by us. No need to select items, no need to pick up at a store, no hidden fees, and no hassle. You can expect your Glam Treasure subscription to give you new and exciting styles delivered right to your door at the beginning of each month.